Baylor Reconfigurable Computing

This page describes the Reconfigurable Computing Project at Baylor University.
For code try our git repo

We are currently building a 35 node cluster of XUPV2P for running MPI applications.

We currently need information on the Linux HWICAP driver and Dual Processor setup for SMP Linux. If you are also working on this email Spenser 309 at gmail dot com.

Our hardware:
One headnode running Debian Linux on a VIA miniITX.
35 Xilinx University Project Virtex 2 Pros.
1 Xilinx ML403
Several Miscellanous PC's

SetupXilinxTools9.1i - w/ Red Hat Linux

SetupXilinxTools10.1 - w/ Debian Linux

Crosstool - Installation and setup of a powerpc cross compiler

LinuxXUPV2P - Shows how to get linux up and running on the XUPV2P.

DebianRFS - Shows how to setup a root file system for Debian Linux

NetworkingCluster - Setting up networking for the cluster

LAM-MPI - How to setup LAM-MPI on the cluster

EDKCustomIP - Using custom IP's in EDK

Misc - Random Linux Tips and Tricks

NetworkSwitch - Shows the design and implementation of a Network Switch (currently in development)

Ideas - Ideas for improvement